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Club Mission

“The club is designed for serious wrestlers of all ages who want to improve, excel, prepare and achieve their goals in the sport and in life. Character, integrity, dedication and a desire to improve are cornerstones of our club. Our goal is to make everyone that enters the room a champion, on and off the mat. Our practices will be intense, high paced and structured, focusing on the fundamentals in all positions, with an emphasis on systematic high-speed, chain drilling, chain attacks, set-ups to finishes, situational drilling and live wrestling, combative drilling and live wrestling and the mental preparation required for this sport. We will push each other in the room the same way we will push our opponents in a match. Our belief is scoring first and often… always attacking…always offensive….execution without hesitation. We call it “Fast, Physical wrestling”…our members call it a way of life. It’s a commitment they choose to make.”


Coach Barrick, along with the other Coaches, will continue to honor Coach Bentleys values of hard work, respect, and giving nothing less than all you have to the sport and to each other. Character, Integrity, Dedication and Desire to Improve are the Cornerstones of the Club Coach Bentley started.


His Legacy Lives On!

Coaching Staff:

Cody Barrick

Zach Nye

Brent Huffman

Evan Craig

Josh Colello

This new 4300 sq. ft. facility includes:

3,000 sq. ft. of brand new EZ Flex competition wrestling mats

55" HDTV, DVD and Video camera equipment 

Macgregor 4 foot electronic scoreboard with drill timer

Strength and Conditioning Equipment:

Climbing Ropes

Free Weights

Pull Up Bars

Medicine Balls

Plyometric Boxes

Battle Ropes

And More!

Parent Area:

Internet Access

Bleacher Seating

Leather Sofas

Complimentary Coffee and Water

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